Memorial Weekend Bash!!!

We can't keep "the big secret" any longer and we're putting out "the word". Please come to our Memorial Weekend "Sunshine" party on May 27th starting at 2pm - "you know it'll make you feel so fine!"

After a winter of "mudslides running up your skirt" and "jaybirds" waking you at 8AM, it's time to take the "easy way out" and get down and celebrate the coming of spring.

We've been "waiting for the day" to "open wide" and enjoy "the transition" to spring. And as for winter, "just forget it". Bring your bathing suits and visit our association pool and hot tub and you just might catch "me" "taking my clothes off".

Not your typical "squash cakes", You'll just "love" the food and drinks including barbecue prepared on "the flame" by everyone's favorite "madman".

If you've "got a girl" or not, stop "flopping around like a fish out of water" and come join "the gnomes in the crowd" and catch a "tsunami of love" at the Spoto's Memorial weekend bash.

"The block" party will be highlighted by the special appearance of the soon-to-be world famous Cosmic Giggle band whose song titles (in bold) spice up this invitation. Their unique combination of innovative lyrics, melodies, and harmonies will surely top off a most memorable event.

Memorable Moments

This was an awesome event and one of those true 'Memorable Moments'...